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ian jagger


With first-hand experience of the highs (and lows) of professional sport and an unrelenting passion for helping people unlock their full potential, Jags first began coaching and sharing his story in schools, clinics, and clubs throughout Sydney in 2005.

Jags isn’t ashamed to say that his childhood was a struggle, yet, it has also been his source of inspiration. He firmly believes that sport was his saviour, keeping him in school and keeping him off the streets.

Focussed, committed, and with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, Jags created Rep Ready to help as many people as possible recognize their worth, build their confidence, and achieve success from the inside out.

With over 30 years experience in the fitness industry as both a competing athlete and coach, Jags has spent the last 15 years specialising in strength and conditioning training – working with hundreds of  people of all ages, backgrounds and with a range of experience and abilities, as they move from club to semi-pro or professional levels and beyond.

Over these years, working with teenagers and weekend warriors, as a coach, Jags has amassed a wealth of experience and understanding that makes him unique and differentiates him from other coaches.

He has a simple theory behind his coaching –  it’s not what you do in the gym or at the park, it is being able to understand and tap into who you’re working with and what their WHY is for playing and competing in their sport or why they want to better themselves. It is only by being able to understand the individual that he is then able to design a program that will work for them and design a lifestyle that they will take with them beyond their young sporting years.

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