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Footy, soccer, netball, rugby and basketball clubs across Australia do an amazing job, engaging and training hundreds and thousands of children in sport every week.
We believe that community clubs provide the best training they possibly can however they are often dependent on passionate parents and volunteers. Who, whilst doing an amazing job, are not always professionally trained and often, with a pressing need to develop skills and strategy, do not have the time or resources to focus on the physical strength and condition of their players.
The Sports Ready program compliments skills training by building the foundations of performance, giving its participants the advantage or the boost they need on the field.

As kids move into double figures and the focus of sport becomes more competitive many young people begin to loose confidence in their speed and ability and as a result stop or drop their favourite game.
Often, this is not because they don’t like or even love the sport anymore. More often than not this is because they don’t feel good enough when playing the sport. Whilst others may have grown taller, quicker, stronger or fitter your child may feel that they are struggling to keep up.
By improving the strength and condition of their body, the Sport Ready program, will rebuild your child’s confidence in their personal fitness and physical ability. And with confidence come interest and enjoyment, a great pathway back into participation sport and a healthier more active lifestyle.

For strength focused technique’s we have a purpose built indoor training warehouse locating in Caringbah, outdoor speed and agility sessions are held in surrounding playing fields in the Caringbah/Miranda areas.

Sessions are charged at $70 p/session per person.

Absolutely, this scenario is perfect to drill down on specific strategies for the team’s particular sport. Just get in touch with one of our coaches to discuss a possible time and day the suits everyone.

We prefer that parents drop their son or daughter off and pick them up after the class. Our facility does not cater for spectators due to space restrictions and safety. 

We have designed our classes to be mixed level, with girls and boys together and have extensive programming that provides alternate movements that are challenging to the individuals ability. Our coaches are constantly assessing before, during, and after each and every session to ensure your son or daughter is improving their own abilities.

Our facility in Caringbah has toilet facilities, but does not have showers.

Depending on the length and recovery time of the injury, it is best to speak with one of the coaches to gain a full assessment and recommendation for your child. 

If the injury is minor and does not require extensive rehabilitation, then the Sport Ready program will be fine. Our coaches are experienced to make sure your son or daughter has alternate movements that will still challenge and enhance their abilities. 

For more extensive injuries, our coaches quite often work with physio’s and other allied health carers to ensure a holistic approach is covered with your son or daughter.

All of our coaches are passionate in believing that every person deserves the right to participate in sport and they are all very experienced in coaching young adults and kids with disabilities. From blindness, mild autism, to amputee’s, our coaches enjoy providing this experience to everyone no matter what their skill level.

The programs are run by the Coach Jags . Click here to see for more information, and yes they are all fully qualified with particular passion and interest in coaching young adults in their sports.

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