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Just like our philosophy, our facility is simple. Coach Jags does not get caught up in the latest fad or machine, although these things are fun tools to use for the “player”, remember it is the person and the athlete we need to tap into first. This means, stripping everything right back and using the best tool available to us, for the right reason, and at the right time, to ensure the individual will continue on well beyond their sporting years.

We conduct our sessions in our small, and private, studio in Caringbah or at a local outdoor park depending on what is required for the program. 




Long term

athletic development

Rep Ready strongly advocates long-term development as opposed to short-term gains. Coach Jags, believes it is important to educate the young people he comes into contact with about their long-term capabilities. This creates the self-efficacy required to pursue current training and sporting goals, and create a healthy lifestyle they will follow for years to come.

Our belief is in building strong foundations first to help create a physical and inner strength that empowers the young people we work with to be their best, not only in their chosen sport but beyond that into their future lives. 

We approach our coaching with a view to developing long-lasting behaviour patterns where physical and mental health remains a priority and an area in their lives that they thrive in. 



Person First

Before any type of training session commences our philosophy of “person first” means we like to find out about you! At the start of each session we are interested to know how you are feeling physically and also mentally, are you tired or energized? How is school, work, or uni going? Is there anything external going on that may distract from this training session? All of this information will determine the outcome of the session and will tell Coach Jags how to adjust his style to get the very best out of you.

Providing a training session for the “person” first and foremost will provide a sense of self-efficacy; they believe they will succeed even if they are unsure how.

athlete second

We coach many young people that play multiple sports, they are athletes in their own rights, with many demanding priorities. So, what is needed to enhance their performance? Do we need to improve their strength, or is it a conditioning-based priority? Perhaps their requirement is to get more minutes on the paddock or court. Has this individual had a massive week of training and we are going to run a stretch or mobility session to help restore the body for the grueling week ahead.

Injuries on the field also happen,  so we need to consider if the session will be helping them with their rehab, or if we need to work around that injury to improve their mental state.

player third

Finally, the person and athlete become a player in their sport! 

Coach Jags prepares the individual for their chosen sport, focusing on their specific skill set, so they can go back to their team and perform 100%.

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ian jagger


After growing up in the coastal township of Sawtell, Jags first came to Sydney in the early 80s to successfully pursue his dream of becoming a professional rugby league player.

As a seasoned coach at a local, state, national and international level, amongst Jags individual clients, you will find Commonwealth Games representatives for Water Polo, Australian National Swimmers, an Australian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt finalist, and many rugby league players who, with the benefit of his training, have been selected for NRL Under 20s and Junior Representative teams in the Sydney area. 

Jags was selected as the Strength & Conditioning coach for the Australian Women’s Handball team and helped them compete in the World Championships in Japan in 2019. Working closely with the coaching staff, Jags is preparing the team to once again qualify for the next World Championships that will be held in Spain in 2021….

every rep counts

what we do

what we do

every rep counts

One of the reasons Coach Jags started working with young athletes was to educate them on how to train properly and the benefits of following a program that is tailored for them and their sport.

“Over the years, I saw far too often, young kids being selected into rep teams who are thrust into a big gym for the very first time, using weights and machines often unsupervised, performing advanced movements they see seasoned athletes doing….. The result of this was, many injuries and young kids in rehab programs, not improving their performance, and ultimately dropping out of sport all together!”

The main driver for Coach Jags to continue what he’s doing is he is so passionate about keeping kids in sport and active throughout their entire lives – educating them is crucial in the early teen years to give them the confidence before they’re exposed to big gyms and advanced programs…

So, yes, we use weights, barbells, and dumbbells in a safe progression and tailored to their specific needs and biomechanics. It is imperative they learn how to perform movements using weights BEFORE they’re selected for a rep team and thrust into an unknown world, so they are then able to perform at their best and they have the confidence to do so.

Even though Australia has such a high participation rate for sport and activity, we are unfortunately behind the rest of the world when it comes to weight training for young athletes. We seem to wait until they’re young adults to start strength training, which is such a disadvantage when competing in the world arena… imagine how great our athletes would be if we had a strong grassroots mindset for strength training.

With a focus on speed, agility, strength, and endurance our programs are designed for all levels of ability and ambition. With a unique approach to our philosophy on coaching young people, at the core of Rep Ready is the belief that ALL KIDS ARE EQUAL, and when it comes to training for improved performance it’s all about the choices we make and with knowledge, training, and commitment you and your body can do anything. 

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Liam’s journey at Rep Ready began to improve his strength conditioning as part of his rugby league training. Ian “Jags” Jagger’s personalised approach to each of his students has meant Liam’s 1:1 session are mch more than a weights workout, with his rsilience on and off the field plus his overall mental health benefitin just as much as his physical health. Jags is the ultimate mentor

Nichole Mayne (Liam’s Mum)

Rubgy League


For the past 12 months, my son Brady has been fortunate enough to have Ian (“Jags”) assist with his fitness journey.
Not only has Jags helped Brady with the physical side of his league development, he has also been a crucial part of his mental strength and attitude which has proved invaluable through such a challenging and tough year.
We can’t thank Jags enough, he is a champion human being.
Jodie Lauretti (Brady’s Mum)
Rugby League


I love playing footy and really wanted to do the “extras” outside of training with my team to improve my game. I found Rep Ready and really enjoy the focus one-on-one training brings, Jags can really tailor the session to suit me and the sports I play. I was a bit intimidated tackling bigger girls when I first started playing League and I’ve noticed that through my training sessions my strength has improved. Jags also showed me how to tackle safely so I knew what to do. Jags has also helped me a lot with my nutrition, I play heaps of sport and needed to know how to fuel my body so that I could perform better. We went through what I was eating and made some small easy changes to my diet that has really helped. What I didn’t expect through training with Jags was the chance to meet other older and experienced girls that had played at a National level in their sports, doing a training session with them was really cool. 


Rugby League : Oztag

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Rep Ready works with teenagers and young people to help build their confidence and improve their performance in sport.

16/20 Meta St, Caringbah

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