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for teenagers and young people

Rep Ready works with teenagers and young people to build confidence and improve performance in sport, School, family and beyond.

At the very core of Rep Ready is our Coaches belief that all kids are equal, it’s all about the choices we make and with knowledge, training and commitment, you and your body can do anything.

With a focus on speed, agility, strength and endurance our programs are designed for all levels of ability and ambition. Whether you are looking for the courage to participate in school sports or have gold medal ambitions we’re here to help you Be Your Best.

What we do

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Rep Ready

Rep Ready is our signature one on one coaching program. It is uniquely designed for young athletes who are committed to achieving their full potential in representative, national or international sport.


Sport Ready

The Sport Ready program is small group training and runs weekly every School term. It includes strength + conditioning, speed and agility training for 8- 15yr olds who want to improve their skills and be their best in sport


Holiday Clinic

Get your kids moving in the School holidays. Our holiday clinics are designed for your kids to learn new skills, have loads of fun, make new friends and improve their game. Suitable for 8-12 year olds.

Clients share their experience

I’ve been training with Jags for the past year and half and the biggest impact I’ve noticed is the confidence I have gained in playing water polo – I am stronger, quicker and way more competitive than before I started with Rep Ready. Learning how my body can work to maximise my efforts has made the biggest difference for me. As I became more competitive at water polo I realized I needed to up my gym sessions to increase my strength and I didn’t really know how to do this, or have confidence in a weight room. A gym can be a scary place so having Jags to guide me and show the more technical aspects of weight training has given me confidence to walk into any weight training room and start training. I’d definitely recommend Rep Ready for those who want to move forward in their sport.
Australian School Boys Water Polo, WOOLOOWARE
I was actually looking to do some personal training so that I could build some strength to be a bit more competitive at footy and my mate Blake had been training with Jags and told me to get in touch with him. I did, and it’s been awesome! I’ve been training with Jags just under a year and my coordination and balance has improved heaps and I’ve really noticed that I am a lot fitter and I’ve put some size on which is great. I have a bit of a laugh with Jags in our sessions, we get on really well. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is how my body works and how to build strength without necessarily doing weights. I’ve learnt different movements that I wouldn’t have done just training at my footy club. Jags has been really supportive for all of us and a great mentor, I’d recommend Rep Ready for sure!
Cronulla Sharks Junior Reps 2018, ENGADINE
I love playing footy and really wanted to do the “extras” outside of training with my team to improve my game. So I joined Rep Ready and really enjoy the focus one-on-one training brings, Jags can really tailor the session to suit me and the sports I play. I was a bit intimidated tackling bigger girls when I first started playing League and I’ve noticed that through my training sessions my strength has improved. In my last game, I was confident making tackles on my own even with girls that are a lot bigger than me. Jags showed me how to do it safely so I knew what to do. Jags has also helped me a lot with my nutrition, I play heaps of sport and needed to know how to fuel my body so that I could perform better. We went through what I was eating and made some small easy changes to my diet that has really helped. What I didn’t expect through training with Jags was the chance to meet other older and experienced girls that had played at a National level in their sports, doing a training session with them was really cool.
Rugby union, League + OzTag, CARINGBAH

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